Invest in your career Love what you do

Teaching hairdressing is so much more than passing on knowledge, it is passing on the passion for hair!

Feeling confident in hairdressing is crucial in our industry with styles & fashion constantly changing. With my workshops I will make sure your foundations are right & I am open to any questions you may have on a hair design you want to master!

If you are looking for someone to chat to about your hairdressing, if your are stuck on a certain subject or design and need some guidance in the right direction or maybe it is as simple as having a chat about a client you have been worrying about, no need to stress any longer. I would love to see you come along to one of my workshops or invite me along to your salon. Hairdressing is about having fun, being creative and enjoying yourself and your work. Just send me an email and I can design & organize a workshop for you!

Student Reviews

Alma Elizabeth Paul


Amna Salman

It was a very helpful course, Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

C.Elizabeth Eichner

Great refresher course for licensed stylists and informative to those who did not develop certain skills.

Sujitha Vishwanathan

I am a beginner with some knowledge about plaits and straightening, this course helped me to know about braids, technique and merging hairstyle was a great idea. The instructor was to the point and explained the main instructions that needed to be followed to get the best result. She was good at explaining and I can’t wait to try it. Thank you Katie for this wonderful course.

Farida De Lang

I’m a beginner and I learned a lot about hairstyling in this course, it was also very well structured. Cannot wait to get my practice head and try out all the different hairstyles and techniques. Thank you for a great course.

Sara Denman
Valuable information, Clear explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities, Accurate course description and a Knowledgeable instructor
Corina Paraschiv

Very competent, clear, with a direction. I love how structured and how thorough and methodical this approach is, and I love even more how enthusiastic she is about her work. You can see she really loves what she does ๐Ÿ™‚

Christine Morgano

Thank you Katie for showing me your tips & tricks for hair styling. I am so excited for what hairstyle to attempt next! ๐Ÿ™‚


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