February 10, 2020

Have you ever done a hair design and wondered why the hair wasn’t  holding shape? Maybe the curls kept dropping? Or maybe you wanted to do soft waves in the hair and once you brushed it out the hair just dropped like you hadn’t curled it at all?


Let me introduce to you the amazing;


White Sands Product Range-OVERVIEW

“White Sands products use cutting-edge science combined with natural botanicals such as heliogenol, lemongrass and chamomile to make each formula dynamic and unique. Our products use these ingredients to create heat shields, which in turn behave like a second skin. As these shields protect your hair from UV rays and thermal stress, your hair is finally allowed to breathe. White Sands products even supply the ultimate in hair protection with a moisture balance offering lasting hold and humidity resistance. Our high-performance formula transforms tresses into beautiful, flawless hair.”White Sands Australia.


10 years ago we used to use salon grade “setting lotion”.  It was sticky, heavy and would dry your clients hair out. It was the only product us hairdressers relied on to hold the style we wanted to achieve. Without setting lotion our style wouldn’t hold for a week. we could use mousse for an alternative yet it didn’t do what setting lotion would.

White Sands was then introduced to me and I have used it ever since!

The smell is divine, the hair holds perfectly and when using the Liquid Texture Firm Hold  product I find it doesn’t cause flaking, its not over drying and its now my ‘go to product’.

White sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold is great to use for curls, hair designs and any style needing to be brushed out.

If you are doing a blow wave then use your Liquid Texture Medium Hold so you can easily glide your brush through the hair resulting in no catching or flaking & will give you the shiny, perfect end result in any blow wave allowing your customer to get the best results.

I would love to hear your thoughts on White Sands Liquid Texture Firm & Medium Hold  Mega styling products. Once you try this product you will never use anything else!

Stay tuned and keep posted for more tips & tricks!

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